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The energy industry spends over $100 billion per year just to maintain and upgrade the energy infrastructure that powers our lives. However, much of that infrastructure is outdated, inefficient, and carrying a high risk of failure. To make matters worse, much of the data that is necessary in order to address this problem is confidential and trapped behind firewalls.

VIA is a company that is addressing these problems by using blockchain technology and machine learning solutions. With the recent adoption a new blockchain application called Trusted Analytics, VIA is obtaining access to vital data in a secure and anonymous way. Equipped with that data, VIA is using AI and machine learning as a prioritization tool for the replacement of transformers and other pieces of outdated equipment. With the ability to identify high-risk versus low-risk equipment, the process of upgrading and maintaining this vast infrastructure will be carried out in a more efficient, safe and cost-effective way.

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Colin Gounden is the President and CEO of VIA, and he offers insight on a variety of topics in the space where energy, blockchain technology and AI overlap.

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He also discusses the effect of increasingly extreme weather conditions and electric vehicles on the current energy infrastructure.

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Tune in to hear the details, and visit for more information.

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