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An unbelievable amount of useful data is stored in our genes—data which could help us make better decisions about our health and guide us toward lifestyle changes which could decrease our chances of developing certain diseases. With a price tag between $10,000 and $30,000, however, the process required to generate this data, which is referred to as genomic sequencing, simply isn’t a feasible option for most people.

Just a few years ago, the team at Veritas Genetics set out to change this, believing that anyone should be able to obtain this genetic info for under ,000.

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In contrast to the technology used by companies like Ancestry and 23andMe, Veritas Genetics’ technology sequences the entire genome—all six billion bases.

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“We generate more data in a week than all of the data 23andMe has generated in the last 11 years,” says Rodrigo Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer at Veritas Genetics. He explains that one of the primary benefits of this extra data is that it confers the ability to identify completely new information within the genome, rather than simply ask questions to which we already have the answers.

A report form Veritas Genetics can inform you about your risk or predisposition to the development of certain diseases, whether or not you are a carrier of certain conditions which could be inherited by your children, and what types of substances you may have sensitivities to.

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Once your genome has been sequenced by the team at Veritas, you can refer back to all of the data at any point in the future, which may become particularly useful in light of findings from new research.

Interested in getting started today? Tune in and visit to learn how.

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