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How does BRCA play a role in new oncology developments?

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By manipulating the levels, a more vulnerable state can be reached, opening treatment opportunities.

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Press play to learn:

  • Why new forms of lung cancer may be on the rise
  • The role of the BRCA gene
  • Alternative to targeted radiation and combinations that work better than ever

Mark Vincent, a medical oncologist at the London Regional Cancer Centre, discusses how new targets can be treated in emerging fields of oncology.

Some cancers have long been thought to be generally untreatable, leaving many patients with little hope. However, with new developments in oncology, no cancer remains entirely untreatable.

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From studying genes like BRCA and developing new drugs that can target specific traits, even small metastasis can be shrunk. Moreover, by using a more local approach, even lower doses of chemo may truly destroy tumors in the near future.

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