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He set out to prove his wife wrong.

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That’s what lead Physician Assistant Kevin Davis to first research keto diet plans and efficacy. But the more he researched, the more he found she might be on to something.

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Listen and learn

  • Why while many turn to the ketogenic diet for weight loss, they stay for the long-term therapeutic effects,
  • How practitioners like Kevin Davis work with clients on personalized keto diet plans and nutrition guidelines to achieve hormone balance, and
  • What aspects of the ketogenic diet like fasting periods achieve for bodily health and wellbeing.

Kevin Davis is the host of Our Ketogenic Life podcast and works with clients to craft an appropriate ketogenic diet meal plan to fit their needs through different life stages. He’s worked as a Physician Assistant since 1994, and after his wife suffered unexplained inflammation and pain, he researched the ketogenic life style based on her own findings that it might help her issues. The more he researched it, the more the ketogenic diet food list and process made sense with how foods interact with our body, especially through hormone balance.

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After he and his wife both took on the ketogenic life style and he started helping patients do the same, he’s continued studying it. The more research he does on chronic diseases like heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes development, the more he sees how the ketogenic diet addresses these long term conditions. So while clients find him for weight loss, he knows these potential underlying problems will also be addressed. “If I see they have joint pain or a family history of insulin resistance, I know this will also help those things,” he says.

He emphasizes that practicing the diet should not lead someone to feeling nonfunctional or too hungry to work: this should not be part of ketogenic side effects. Rather, through guidance, the diet will ultimately lead to more energy, less inflammation, and better overall health and wellbeing.

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