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Curious about an effective keto diet plan? Then you might be one of the one billion Ben Azadi has been trying to reach. Listen in as he shares years of experience and the finer points of Ketogenic diet side effects and health benefits.

He addresses

  • What are some of the sticking points when people try the ketogenic diet for weight loss and how can they overcome them,
  • Why the type of fat you consume affects inflammation levels,
  • Why looking at lab work may be better inspiration than the numbers on the scale, and
  • What are nutrition basics and feedback methods, including the types of ketones and how should you test for them.

Ben Azadi is founder of Keto Kamp and an expert on the ketogenic diet meal plan.

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He’s also a health coach and personal trainer.

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He brings these together to help clients focus on the best practice for integrating the ketogenic diet food list, intermittent fasting, and healthful choices along the way.

His fascination with the approach started after his own struggles with weight that lead to a dramatic weight loss that left him as one of those “fit sick people” who only focused on weight loss. He spent every available minute researching and learned enough to transform his health through a well-balanced approach to the ketogenic life.

He now wants to help others get to the same place and shares several suggestions for listeners, including common mistakes that can sabotage success. For example, he talks about the importance of transitioning slowly to the diet rather than an extreme approach that often leads to failure. He addresses how to ease into intermittent fasting so it’s not like trying to marathon without any training.

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He also explains some key considerations such as appropriate and helpful lab work, means of assessing how your body is doing, and the importance of understanding electrolytes and the roll of “bitter” foods in liver function. If you are curious about the ketogenic approach and want to get a fuller picture, this conversation fits the bill.

For more about his work and his Keto Kamp program, see

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