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The link between a keto diet and weight loss is very well known, but can this approach to nutrition really be used to heal chronic disease? Dr. David Jockers believes it can. David is functional nutrition counselor, popular guest on The Dr. Oz Show, and the author of Keto Metabolic Breakthrough and The Fasting Transformation. His natural health website receives over a million views per month from people curious about keto and natural health.

Tune in to discover:

  • How David used a keto diet plan and intermittent fasting to reverse his own cancer
  • The importance of herbal medicine and other natural health tips
  • How women can use functional nutrition training to work with their natural hormone cycles

After suffering from severe irritable bowel syndrome to the point of becoming quite underweight for his height, David began to experiment with adhering to a ketogenic diet. After receiving a skin cancer diagnosis, he got even more serious about tackling the issue of nutrition.

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The results of these personal experiments not only changed his life; they continue to change the lives of the people he educates every day.

What do inexpensive cooking oils, pesticides, and factory farmed meat have in common? They all cause inflammation and inflammation causes chronic diseases, like cancer. According to Dr. Jockers, cancer cells thrive when they are feeding on glucose. When we eat carbohydrates, those carbs are converted into glucose, which feeds cancer cells.

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Removing carbohydrates and feeding our healthy cells with ketones means starvation for cancer.

Cancer is not the only ailment that may need to look out for the keto approach to nutrition.

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Stress is at an all-time high throughout the world today and it can take a major toll on a person’s digestive health. A ketogenic diet in combination with a healthy exercise routine and natural herbal supplementation can promote bile flow and a healthy environment within the stomach, without using commonly prescribed acid bocking medications.  

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