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Optomec sells industrial-grade 3D Printers that use two, patented, unique technologies:

  1. Lens – uses powdered metal with high powered laser to produce new metal parts from a CAD model; rapid prototyping of parts; and/or repair or coat broken metal parts. Metals included stainless steel, titanium, alloys, etc.
  2. Aerosol Jet – used for electronic materials – conductive ink, semiconductor materials, dielectric materials, materials used by consumer electronic manufacturers to make consumer electronics. – Aerosol Jet can also print electrical and biological components onto 2D & 3D surfaces – eg electronic circuitry into a cell phone case.

Optomec provides training, service and customized support for their machines and technlogies. They also maintain and update the software, provide remote application support, as well as web based support and preventive maintenance


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