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IPA Equities is a private equity firm investing in a variety of projects, all of which have one goal in common: increasing the quality of people’s lives.

While they focus on investing in projects within the blockchain space, IPA Equities also invests in philanthropic and sustainability projects.

Currently in the works is the development of a blockchain-based healthcare staffing platform that’s designed to make the process of staffing healthcare professionals more efficient and cost-effective. Through the use of AI technology, nurses, doctors and technicians will be placed in positions that best suit their experience and qualifications, resulting in higher employee satisfaction and performance, and in turn, better healthcare for patients.

In the realm of sustainability projects, IPA Equities is investing in hydrogen-powered technologies, the byproducts of which are 95% recyclable.

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“Hydrogen power is just starting to surface.

There are a couple of car companies that have released hydrogen-powered cars, and there is a tremendous amount of opportunities in that space with that technology,” says Herman.

When he’s not working on projects related to IPA Equities, Keith Herman is holding public speaking events, consulting and mentoring with the ultimate goal of educating people in the blockchain space and encouraging the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

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