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“If you want to invent something, you need to know what the problems are first” was the single piece of advice from his mentor that compelled Justin Barad, MD to embark on the journey of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. As a practicing surgeon, he encountered what he believes to be the biggest problem facing the healthcare system today: the way in which healthcare providers are trained and assessed.

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With the goal of incorporating his lifelong passion for software and technology into his passion for and career in medicine, Dr. Barad founded and developed Osso VR, virtual reality-based training and assessment platform for surgeons, operating room staff, and medical equipment sales representatives.

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Designed to suit the needs of both experienced and inexperienced medical and healthcare professionals who have no prior experience with virtual reality, Osso VR allows these professionals to keep pace with the rapid development of technology in the medical field, such as surgical robots, 3D printing, and patient-specific implants. The old training methods of practicing a procedure once or twice in the lab or on a cadaver just aren’t cutting it in today’s world, and arguably put patients at greater risk during procedures. With the advent of Osso, medical students and residents can simply put on a VR headset and practice a procedure under real-world conditions as many times as necessary, boosting their confidence and ultimately improving patient outcomes. In addition, Osso VR is increasing the adoption of newer and high-value medical technology and procedures, and democratizing access to surgical education around the world.

Osso VR is already being used globally by medical schools and residency programs. Among other topics, tune in to hear Dr.

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Barad discuss the implementation of cutaneous haptic feedback in the Osso VR platform, the specific types of skills and procedures being taught, and the application of computer vision in simulations. To learn more or reach out with questions, visit

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