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Bryan Wade, CEO of Sigstr (, provides an overview of email marketing and outreach, and how his company is helping businesses maximize their marketing efforts and bring in new accounts. For over a decade email has been Wade’s sandbox; he has a wealth of experience in the areas of email marketing, sales, and new business development.

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Wade was highly involved in the expansion and success of ExactTarget, the email marketing behemoth that was eventually acquired by Salesforce. At Salesforce, Wade served as the chief product officer of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Now, as the CEO of Sigstr, the Indianapolis-based email signature marketing platform, Wade seeks to continue his work in helping businesses and corporations get their message and vision out to their customer base, to expand into new markets, and never miss a single opportunity to market successfully.

Sigstr’s mission is to convert every employee email into a successful marketing campaign. And with Sigstr’s dynamically targeted CTA banners, businesses can highlight their important events, promote their content, and align their brand with targeted audiences that get results. Sigstr’s platform offers many options for businesses and companies seeking to expand their marketing outreach, penetrate new markets, grow their operations, and connect with value customers. For account-based marketing, Sigstr provides a home to view target accounts and get a better grasp of how your efforts are impacting account penetration and development. Sigstr allows users to create targeted promotions to drive accounts and guide them.

For event marketing, Sigstr will ensure that you are always targeting the right audience for a particular event or gathering that is on your upcoming calendar. Sigstr will help you track attendees and make sure that your exclusive VIP list is on your preferred guest list. And for sales and content marketers, the Sigstr platform assists with sharing your premium marketing content through employee email signatures, achieving greater visibility with your highest regarded accounts, and tapping into new networks. As the most valued relationships exist right in employees’ inboxes, Wade explains how the Sigstr platform can ramp up your marketing efforts with powerful products such as Sigstr Pulse and Sigstr Campaigns.

Wade discusses the nuts and bolts of how their system works, from the initial gathering of data, which includes names, titles, phone numbers, etc.

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, to the marketing aspect, where specific dynamic banners are created that sit below the signature to garner attention and generate responses. He breaks down the particulars of what their dynamic banners address, from call-to-actions such as invitations to events and webinars for new prospects on your email list to new product launch information, etc. for customers. Wade describes how Sigstr’s platform is customizable and is processed centrally by Sigstr, allowing marketers to simply connect, while Sigstr does the work to update, change, or inject new information into outgoing emails.

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Wade outlines some of the exciting features Sigstr’s platform can implement such as the use of animated gifs and click-through analytics. Through extensive research, Wade’s team at Sigstr has sorted through massive amounts of useful data and testing to zero in on the most successful methods email marketers can implement, and incorporated it all into the Sigstr platform. One of their findings was that human faces or call-to-actions within the email received higher click responses than any other data or imagery. And as Sigstr is customizable and expandable, Wade states that their clients are able to run dozens of different campaigns concurrently, to put their metadata to work, ad thus maximize outreach.

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