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Medtech Impact on Wellness

With technology rapidly improving, modern therapeutic devices are coming in many shapes and sizes.

Researchers are using all sorts of alternative approaches to healing the body – including sound frequencies. Joining us today to discuss his work in this intriguing field is James Bare, the inventor of the Rife and Bare System.

Trained as a chiropractor, James has always had an interest in electronics, resonances, and inventors that have made a difference in the world. By inventing the Rife-Bare Device, James is seeking to make a real impact on the medical world by utilizing the power of therapeutic frequencies…

Click play now to hear about:

  • How James was introduced to the Rife machines.
  • The basic concept behind the Rife-Bare Device.
  • What people use the Rife-Bare device for.
  • How frequency devices may be able to stimulate the growth of plants.

To learn more about Rife-Bare devices for yourself, click here now!

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