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Join us in this episode as we welcome Shannon Race, the co-founder of, for an enlightening discussion on gut health, dietary wellness, and more. is a company that was born to help others integrate prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics into their diets in easy and straightforward ways. By taking a preventative approach to healing, Shannon and her team are on a mission to promote better digestion, microbiome balance, and gut repair – with science-backed products

Shannon has suffered from gastrointestinal issues for as long as she can remember. By educating herself on the microbiome and how various symptoms manifest, she discovered a fresh perspective on what sustainable holistic health and wellness really look like.

Transform your gut health with’s products fit effortlessly into your daily routine, promoting a balanced microbiome for a healthier you. is offering a site wide 20% OFF when you use code GENIUS20. Don’t miss this special 20% OFF offer for Finding Genius listeners only at

Curious to learn how Shannon’s personal journey can benefit you? Click play now to gain valuable insights and practical tips!

In this conversation, we dive into:

  • The benefits of elimination diets when it comes to gut health.
  • Inflammatory foods that can damage the microbiome.
  • How to properly introduce probiotics into your diet.
  • Why dietary fiber is essential for wellness.

You can find out more about Shannon and her work with by clicking here!

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