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You might already be familiar with it–the quarterly or annual struggle to gather your company’s data and retroactively determine whether or not you’ve met your goals, only to forget which metrics you were really trying to improve or find yourself asking, “What went wrong, and how do we fix it?” But did you know that setting and tracking your company’s progress toward goals during the time period within which they should be met makes it 90% more likely for you to actually achieve those goals? Yaguara is a company in the business of helping companies do just that.

As the CEO and founder of Yaguara, Jonathan Smalley calls his company a “fitness tracker” for businesses, one that helps tie real-time data into the process of accomplishing company goals by measuring progress in real time and predicting based on historical performance and current progress how long it will take to accomplish those goals. The team at Yaguara also provides insight and recommendations based on the data collected, such as which media sites a company can reach the most customers, and what each individual within the company can do to further the overall progress of the company.

There’s a lot on the horizon for Yaguara, including new content-based templates, new modules, improved algorithms for improved recommendations, and paid pilots in markets outside of e-commerce beginning in 2019. Tune in and visit for more!

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