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Jan Witowski a medical student, talks to us about 3D liver modeling and how it helps surgeons do pre-surgical planning on patients
with liver tumors by providing them a 3d printed model of the patient’s liver in 24-48 hours for just $150, not $5,000.

Witwoski 3D prints the liver models with their internal circulatory systems and tumors visible, so doctors and surgeons can identify potential problems in upcoming surgery, making it a lot easier for surgeons to extricate tumors, avoid damaging or cutting blood vessels, and more.

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The 3d printed liver models are made primarily for complex laparoscopic resections, which aren’t everyday procedures and require detailed visualization, since it’s vital to reduce possible complications as well as blood loss during the procedure.

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Medical students in the team go and talk to the patients about their illness, and the surgery they are about to undergo and explain the process using customized, full-sized 3D liver models as an educational tool. Patients seem to feel more confident going to the surgery and it also allows them to recover faster.

At less than 1/10th the price and taking just a few days, Witkowski’s team is providing a much-needed service that will undoubtedly lead to more successful liver operations (and operations on other organs and areas in the future).

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