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Smart Glasses are made of glycerin-filled, liquid lenses that can automatically adjust the focus on what a person is seeing, whether it is far away or close up. The lenses are placed in battery-powered frames that can automatically adjust the focal length of the lenses based on what the wearer is looking at.

These glasses are particularly suited for people with presbyopia, a condition in which the lens of your eye loses part of its ability to focus on objects at variable distances, typically requiring progressive lenses or bifocals and separate reading glasses.

Doctor Carlos Mastrangelo, the creator of these Smart Glasses explains that altering how the liquid lenses are curved allows the smart glasses to focus on whatever the wearer is looking at. It takes about 14 milliseconds for the glasses to alter focus, and the rechargeable battery in the frames lasts more than 24 hours.

Now in order to commercialize the product, Carlos has developed a company, Sharpeye LLC, to produce the product for the general public. Listen, subscribe, and review Future Tech Podcast. Contribute Bitcoin to fuel our interviews and keep us going!

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