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A veteran in his field, Jacob Ervin has been working in the mixed and virtual reality technology space for nearly 10 years. Ervin now sits as Program Manager at Occipital, a computer vision company which aims to teach computers how to see and understand the world around us through augmented and virtual reality and environmental scanning.

Occipital has launched products aimed to improve several industries by using your own personal handheld device. For example, their Structure Sensor allows users to capture the world by 3D by scanning of objects and then it uses that model to create a mixed reality experience on a device, where virtual objects appear to interact with the physical world.

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Additionally, powered by Structure Sensor, the Canvas app takes capturing a 3D model of a room easy.

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Users just need to tap scan, walk around a room, and watch as a scaled model is built on your device. This is advancing the way real-estate and construction companies, for example, can do business.

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Occipital has also released their Bridge Engine, providing mixed reality capabilities in a simple to deploy software engine.

Join us as Ervin takes us through the fascinating AR/VR fantasies that have now become realities in this exciting interview with one of the leader’s in this industry.

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