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Medtech Impact on Wellness

How can treatments for mental health issues and be reimagined to work more effectively for more people?

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By offering new solutions and strategies to individuals struggling with their mental health, breakthroughs provide hope to those who it was not previously available. Listen in to learn:

  • How Netflix can give hints on how to better optimize mental healthcare
  • Which collected data may be most valuable
  • How more intensive care can be given the same updates

Dr. Adam Chekroud, chief scientist and co-founder of Spring Health, discusses his work to combat the country’s mental health epidemic and offers innovative new approaches to treatment.

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Mental health is an oft-overlooked aspect of health that can lead to many physical symptoms and struggles that can occupy an individual’s day-to-day life. However, using new techniques like machine learning and algorithms to find patients increasingly optimized and personalized care, more targeted therapeutic approaches can be applied.

Through analyzing symptoms and the frequency at which they occur, a set of data points can be organized, which researchers use to better hone the personalization of the care provided. In addition, since much of previously in-person therapy has been transitioned to online, Spring Health aims to broaden the type of care they offer while upholding the quality of care provided.

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