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Cedric Savarese, founder and CEO of FormAssembly (, delivers an overview of his company’s platform and how it is revolutionizing the way we use data and manage forms in an ever-increasing digital world.

Savarese’s company, FormAssembly, is a prominent provider of data collection and management solutions. Savarese oversees the company’s direction and overall growth. Savarese is a skilled business entrepreneur with a passion for technology and innovation. He earned a master’s in computer science from the prestigious Université Paris Descartes.

Savarese discusses the premise of FormAssembly as a platform that enables users to collect data via online forms and surveys for business improvement and efficiency; but Savarese stresses they also have a primary goal of helping users to be responsible stewards of this personal data. He gives an overview of the data that is available and collected online and how it is compiled. From surveys to online competitions to college applications, there is a wealth of data online, and as our society becomes more and more dependent on devices, more data will be coming, with a large percentage of it available for collection.

FormAssembly helps customers streamline, change or improve processes across a variety of departments, groups, and organizations. And their streamlined visual editing and publishing simplifies the creation and management of complex forms. The platform features forms that utilize conditional logic, calculated fields, save functions, and much more, to help business people create successful online forms. The FormAssembly advantage enables users to create and integrate, with a full spectrum of forms for sales, payment collection, authorizations, and beyond—all available through a complete self-service platform. Savarese discusses privacy issues, confidentiality, and other standards that are regulated when sensitive data is handled. As he states, compliance and regulation are key issues in the field.

Savarese details intake processes and database issues that are part of their industry. Ultimately, efficiency is paramount and Savarese is convinced that the FormAssembly platform can provide easy convenience to individuals and businesses everywhere. Additionally, he discusses the many use cases for their platform, from the small community theater that needs help with their form to collect donations and sell tickets, to Fortune 500 companies with immense funding behind them that prefer to use the FormAssembly platform to save time, and money. Finally, Savarese delivers an overview of the user experience and the type of users that come to their platform, general best practices, their platform’s built-in filters, and some interesting past experiences he and others have been through in regard to data and form usage.

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