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How do you go about facilitating safe and high-quality fruit and vegetable production? Horticulturist Camila Rodrigues joins the podcast to explain her distinct approach to this very important issue… 

As an Assistant Professor and Food Safety Extension Specialist in the Department of Horticulture at Auburn University, Camilia has an exceptionally in-depth understanding of fruit and vegetable production. 

Currently, her mission is to help growers, producers, and stakeholders enhance and encourage food safety practices – all by developing educational material and specialized food safety programs.

Join the conversation to discover:

  • What an extension specialist is, and how they affect food safety.
  • The kinds of crops that are susceptible to microbial contamination.
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  • The difference between good and bad microbes.
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  • How contaminated water can impact the safety of crops?
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Food safety plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy society. Want to know how experts like Camila are contributing to this essential function? Tune in now!

Click here to learn more about Camila and her important work in horticulture!

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