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In this episode, we sit down to discuss thyroid-related topics with Dr. Heather Stone, a functional medicine practitioner. As one of the most experienced clinicians in the realm of Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, Dr. Stone is dedicated to helping women take control of their health and get to the root cause of disease…

Dr. Stone has successfully treated thousands of patients who suffer from persistent low thyroid symptoms for over 19 years. As an avid supporter of functional medicine, she tirelessly advocates for healthcare freedom and is committed to overcoming the “dysfunction in mainstream healthcare”.

Tune in now to uncover:

  • How thyroid conditions can impact women’s menstrual cycles. 
  • What Hashimoto’s is, and the symptoms that come with it. 
  • Why it typically takes so long for women to get diagnosed with low thyroid disorders. 
  • The 12 markers that make up a complete thyroid panel. 

To learn more about Dr. Stone and her work, click here now!

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