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“We’re either going to go into space or we’re going to go extinct here on Earth,” says explorer and planetary geologist J.R. Skok. That’s why Skok has committed his life to the study of Mars. He feels it’s humanity’s first step in living off-Earth.

To Skok, Mars is perfect—even better than the moon—because it’s far enough away to be a mystery we should solve, yet close enough for us to travel there in a matter of months. He discusses evidence that, despite Mar’s current status as a “dead” frozen world, ancient Mars was “dynamic”.

Skok explains why simply studying the history of Earth is not enough to understand how humanity can exist extra-terrestrially. He also reveals how you can help make this possible.

He also talks about his current work with NASA’s next-generation Rover and his “Made of Mars” initiative. The latter is Skok’s ambitious brainchild that he believes will help solve some of the important issues currently involved with future Martian exploration and settlement.

You’ll also hear about the following:

  • Why our understanding of Iceland and hot springs worldwide is crucial to the understanding of ancient Mars
  • How his studies and experiences have impacted his perception of spirituality and his religious beliefs
  • How the red carpet walk and attire of a given celebrity could contribute to the future exploration and understanding of Mars

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J.R. Skok, Ph.D, is a Mars explorer and entrepreneur.

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He has worked on several NASA Mars missions, been active in Mars analog research and is working on developing the next generation of space missions. He is also working to put the Journey to Mars into your hands with his Made of Mars initiative that looks to crowdsource the development of the technology required for use to thrive on Mars and beyond.

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