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Tying the Biblical narrative to ancient historical accounts takes years of meticulous research. Here to break this fascinating subject down for us is Douglas Petrovich. He sits down to discuss his outlook on biblical history and exegesis, Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern history, and more… 

Douglas is a Professor of Biblical History and Exegesis at Brookes Bible College who brings more than 40 years of experience as a Christian researcher and educator to the table. He is also the author of The World’s Oldest Alphabet: Hebrew as the Language of the Proto-Consonantal Script, a book that illuminates the earliest Israelite history in a way that few books have achieved – apart from the Bible itself. 

Are you ready to uncover the ancient mysteries of the Biblical past? Jump in now!

In this discussion, we cover:

  • The interconnectedness of Exodus Pharaoh and the Biblical story of Moses.
  • Why all Pharaohs who ruled had multiple names.
  • The origins of the Egyptian people.

Want to learn more about Douglas and his work? Click here now!

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