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In this episode, Wanda King, the owner of Deep South Homestead, joins us. Living on a 10-acre farm in South Mississippi, Wanda and her husband Danny enjoy the simple life. Using their platform, they are on a mission to share their homesteading knowledge with the world.

Deep South Homestead is an online resource that teaches viewers a multitude of skills – including gardening, canning, meat smoking, animal care, DIY projects, woodworking, and more….

How have Wanda and Danny enhanced their way of life by living simply? Click play to find out!

Tune in now to uncover:

  • What got Wanda and Danny into homesteading. 
  • Challenges that can arise when homesteading. 
  • How livestock can make homesteading more challenging.
  • The easiest vegetables to grow as a beginner. 

Want to learn more about Wanda and her work with Deep South Homestead? Click here now!

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