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In this episode, we sit down with David Selman of Savvy Organics Farm to discuss modern homesteading, sustainable living, organic gardening, and more…

Started by David and his wife Alice, Savvy Organics Farm is a modern homestead that produces health-centered, sustainable, regenerative farm-to-table foods. Leading by example, they want to show others that living a simpler, sustainable, regenerative lifestyle in our present-day society is possible.

Both David and Alice have experienced health issues over the years, leading to their distrust of modern medicine and commercial farming. By taking their health and nutrition into their own hands, they have created a lifestyle that is not dependent on the global food and medical systems – resulting in a healthier and more sustainable way of life.

Join the discussion now to find out:

  • How to begin homesteading over time. 
  • The biggest health benefits associated with eating farm-to-table food. 
  • How to tailor your gardening to your climate. 

You can learn more about David and his work with Savvy Organics Farm by clicking here!

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