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Joining us in this episode to discuss homesteading is Dawn Gallop. Dawn is a mother of nine children, a farmer, nurse, artist, cheesemaker, canner, soapmaker, and beekeeper. As someone who wants to share her knowledge with others, Dawn has also taken on the role of an educator. She teaches people her skills both in person and online with her Youtube channel – fostering a whole new generation of homesteaders…

Dawn had always had a dream of homesteading, and that dream came true in 1992. Since then, she and her family have cultivated their 30 acres of land with greenhouses, goats, bees, and chickens. Constantly learning new things, Dawn has expanded her farming and livestock knowledge to new heights in the 30 years since she began this journey.

Join the conversation now to hear Dawn talk about:

  • How to effectively raise goats, and why they are useful.
  • How to choose the right chicken for your homestead.
  • The ways that animal waste can contribute to the functioning of a farm.

Click here to learn more about Dawn and her work!

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