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Water is the backbone of human life, and professionals like Anacleto Rizzo are committed to preserving it.

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As a hydraulic civil engineer, Anacleto works on sustainable water management, nature-based solutions for wastewater treatment, climate change adaptation policies, sustainable drainage systems, and more…

With a Ph.D. in environmental engineering, Anacleto has focused his expertise on the natural world. Most recently, he has worked as a partner and in-house consultant in research, development, dissemination, and design for Iridra Srl – an engineering firm in Florence, Italy.

In this episode, Anacleto discusses:

  • What nature-based solutions can accomplish in environmental preservation.
  • The process involved in greywater treatment.
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  • The environmental and economical benefits of sustainable water practices.

To learn more about Anacleto and his work, click here now!

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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