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We all love our pets and want to provide the very best for them.

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It can be difficult, though, to sort through the varying recommendations on how to provide the very best care for our beloved pets. Grain-free or grain-based diets?

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Raw food or kibble? Bones or no bones? Dr. Royal, an integrative veterinary medical practitioner in Chicago joins us today to discuss holistic pet nutrition and how we can help prevent and reduce our pets’ illnesses through proper nutrition and integrative veterinary care.

In this episode, Dr. Royal dispels myths about raw-food pet diets. In doing so, she provides tips on how to safely transition pets to a balanced diet that’s free from the preservatives and artificial additives that are commonly found in pet foods worldwide. The key is making sure that your pet’s diet is balanced—tune in to find out exactly what Dr.

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Royal means.

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