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The problem: Data in the life sciences field is outdated. Methods are archaic and expensive or inaccurate. Old models of data gathering and interpretations in the health sciences industries just simply don’t work any longer. These fields are calling for change. Solution: Enter Innoplexus.

Innoplexus, established in 2011 and is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence products, aiming to overcome the data and talent challenges in life sciences and the AI fields.

Gunjan Bhardwaj, CEO & Co-Founder of Innoplexus, sits down with us to offer his insights into leveraging data and AI to better the future of healthcare. The goal was to provide an automated Data as a Service model, to increase access to accurate data at more reasonable pricing for the purpose of decision making in these important fields.

Bhardwaj says part of the goal of Innoplexus is to make the data easily accessible and easily understood for researchers. He believes this technology will change the way problems and challenges in the life sciences field are solved by offering instant access to current and accurate research findings. In the end, the goal is to aid in the development and findings of faster, less expensive and better quality therapies to many health issues.

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