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The majority of research on the cause and treatment of ageing-related diseases has focused on the role of DNA in the ageing process. However, this area of research has proven to be one of the most difficult, and only a limited amount of progress has been made. What if the answer doesn’t lie in DNA at all?

This is the question that David Grainger set out to investigate when he founded Methuselah Health in 2014. Rather than focusing on the role of DNA in the ageing process, the researchers at Methuselah are looking at the role of proteins.

Grainger explains that since proteins have the ability to repair damaged DNA, understanding the mechanism of protein damage and the effects of the accumulation of damaged proteins in the body may be the real key to mitigating the progression of ageing-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

As the world’s first quantitative platform for measuring protein damage, Methuselah is a pioneer in this emerging and exciting field of research. To find out more, visit

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