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Daniel Fels, Ph.D., is a scientist who has devoted his career to the study of cell biology and biological research. He’s currently developing his own lab and conducting independent research on cell-to-cell communication. His research has been guided by a desire to determine whether cells communicate with each other using electromagnetic waves.

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Knowing how integral cell-to-cell signaling is in a number of processes and phenomena including animal behavior, Dr. Fels understands that discovering more about the nature of cell communication could lead to a deeper understanding of many other biological processes.

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On today’s episode, he delivers a detailed overview of the experiments he’s employed, the observations he’s made, and what these observations suggest. He explains how he went about testing whether groups of cells can influence the cell division rate of neighboring groups of cells, and observations which indicate that cells have the ability to perceive neighboring cell death and respond with what he refers to as “death compensation.” Dr. Fels is a wealth of knowledge, offering an informative and intriguing glimpse into life and communication on the cellular level.

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Tune in to hear the full conversation and find his publications on the web.

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