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Joining us in this episode to discuss all things pharmacology is Bryan Roth. Brian is the Michael Hooker Distinguished Professor of Protein Therapeutics and Translational Proteomics at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. With discoveries and inventions in the areas of GPCR structure and molecular pharmacology, Bryan is one of the leading figures in the North Carolina pharmacological community.

Bryan has been interested in psychedelics and psychoactive drugs since he was young, and as he pursued pharmacological research, he is determined to find the “healing magic” of these substances for the benefit of mental health…

Click play to explore:

  • How brain receptors interact with different psychoactive drugs.
  • What psychoactive drugs actually are, and the different substances that fall under this umbrella.
  • The role psychedelics can play in therapeutic purposes.
  • The unanswered questions surrounding psychedelic research.

While psychoactive drugs certainly have a stigma surrounding them, there is no question that there can be beneficial medical uses for them. In this episode, we investigate what these applications look like, and how researchers are progressing the way we use psychoactive drugs.

To find out more about Bryan and his research, click here now!

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