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Dr. David D. Clarke joins the podcast once again to discuss a fascinating topic: psychophysiological disorders. Also known as chronic functional syndromes or psychosocial factors linked to chronic pain, this is a vastly underexplored area of medicine. Dr. Clarke is a professional at the forefront of this field, and he is passionate about educating others on the importance of maintaining both physical and mental health…

Dr. Clarke is the President of the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association, Assistant Director at the Center for Ethics, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Gastroenterology Emeritus both at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon. He has also received many awards for patient care – including the Distinguished Physician Award from Kaiser Permanente and the Outstanding Commitment to Physician Assistant Education Award from Pacific University.

Click play now to find out:

  • How the brain can generate physiological pain.
  • The importance of combining the tools of psychology and physiology when treating patients.
  • How medical professionals diagnose and treat mental and physical symptoms in their patients.
  • The ways that stress can impact the body.

You can find more on Dr. Clarke and his work by visiting!

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