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In this episode, we are joined by Rich Marini, a Professor of Horticulture at Pennsylvania State University. Rich specializes in tree and small fruit physiology, data analysis, and fruit production systems. He sits down with us today to discuss his extensive research in horticulture.

Rich was exposed to horticulture at a young age, and he has stuck with it all of his life. With decades of experience studying fruit trees and their physiology, he has made some fascinating discoveries as a result…

Click play to learn more about:

  • What “bitter pit disorder” is in fruit, and what causes it.
  • How high tunnel houses can benefit plant growth.
  • Why it typically takes 3-5 years for trees to produce fruit.

Want to get familiar with fruit trees and their characteristics? Tune in now to learn from an expert!

You can find out more about Rich by clicking here!

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