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Today we uncover human culture with forensic archaeologist Kimberlee Sue Moran.

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Kimberlee is the Founder of Forensic Outreach and the Director of Forensics at Rutgers University.

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Currently, she is working on excavating the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia Cemetery – and in this episode, she reveals the methods she uses to make intriguing historical discoveries…

Kimberlee has been a forensic consultant and educator for two decades, which she has been doing in tandem with her archeological work. Over the years, she has researched everything from ancient fingerprints to artificial cranial deformation, providing her with a fascinating insight into the world of our ancestors.

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Join us now to hear Kimberlee discuss:

  • The variables that affect body decomposition.
  • Her work with ancient fingerprints, and how this research provides historical context.
  • What she has found while excavating the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia Cemetery.

Wondering what the earth beneath your feet can tell you about the past? This episode is sure to enlighten you!

You can learn more about Kimberlee Sue Moran and her work by visiting now!

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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