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In this episode, we are rejoined by Thomas Purifoy, Jr., a creative filmmaker who develops learning resources intended to advance the Kingdom of God. Known for his work on films like Is Genesis History?, Samaritan, and The Widow and Judge, Thomas is committed to revealing the truth about young Earth creation using the evidence of the Bible as his primary resource…

Always interested in science and faith, Thomas currently oversees three companies: Compass Cinema, Compass Classroom, and Compass Creative. From producing feature-length documentaries to creating and distributing homeschool video curriculums, Thomas makes sense of the world from a biblical perspective – and he’s eager to share this point of view with the world.

In this conversation, we invite you to learn about:

  • How Biblical history provides accurate evidence for the past. 
  • The catastrophic transformations that the Earth has undergone. 
  • How evidence can be used in a variety of paradigms. 
  • Thomas’s latest film, Is Genesis History? Mountains After the Flood.

Want to uncover more on Thomas Purifoy and his work? Click here now!

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