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Like a lot of health practitioners, Dr. J. Dunn’s quest to heal from her own lifelong conditions of depression and chronic fatigue brought her to a foundational response to genetic testing.

Listen and learn

  • How, while genes and inheritance produce a specific code, her program offers ways to adjust the expression of those genes,
  • How her company created an algorithm that uses results of genetic and epigenetic testing alongside a symptom profile to offer specific actions for improvement, and
  • What the actual testing process looks like, how to find participating practitioners, and a coupon code for a price break on the program.

Dr. J. Dunn is the founder of My Happy Genes, a company that facilitates genetic testing for eight biochemical processes and pathways including brain chemistry, energy production, inflammation, detox, the immune system, and histamines. She’s a chiropractor who has been practicing for over 32 years in natural and functional medicine. She has had a lot of success in her work, but still had some questions around issues that seemed unreachable, such as her own depression.

After researching genetic and epigenetic testing and the roles of epigenetics versus genetics, she went full throttle on a better understanding of methylation, which is how genes affect our biochemistry at the cellular level. Gene expression determines how we make energy among other processes and depends on our genes and genetic code, but there’s something we can do to alter the expression. 

That’s where she focuses, that step between what the genes code for and how the processes are carried out. She says that, “if we can get precise on genes affecting our biochemistry, we can adjust cofactors and coenzymes to help get balanced with these pathways.” For example, she learned she doesn’t make the vitamin D receptor.

Low vitamin D leads to low dopamine levels and affects brain chemistry. She finally had a specific answer on why she struggled with depression and got to work. Once she supplemented with specific cofactors, she was able to improve her vitamin D levels and her brain chemistry: she’d made epigenetic changes, clearing the path for her happy genes. She tells listeners about the testing process and the algorithm they’ve created as well as the individual nature of the solutions. She also gives listeners a code for a nice break on the price of the initial test.

For more, see the company’s website:

Use Code Genius1 to get $50 off your purchase of the DNA kit.

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