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One of the major challenges in the virtual reality and augmented reality space currently is that there is no customized monetization process that allows consumers to move from one VR/AR world to another.

Another challenge is that there is no advertising in the VR/AR space.

GazeCoin is designed to change that, by providing a blockchain layer in VR/AR worlds that allows users to receive rewards in the form of GazeCoin for interacting with advertisements. Through gaze control and eye tracking, advertisers and GazeCoin know when users interact with advertising and will reward users only when they interact.

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The use of blockchain allows these interactions and rewards to be auditable so that advertisers know that they are getting a return on their investment. GazeCoin will also allow users to bring tokens they have earned in one VR/AR world and use it in another, creating a seamless transition for users. Jonny also discusses the future of VR/AR worlds, and when the use of these technologies will become more mainstream.

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