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Sweetbridge offers something Bitcoin may never be able to: a stable token that can be used as a transactional currency for personal lending, transactional trade, and B to B transactions.

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“It’s going to be the most dull coin in existence; it’s going to stick to the US dollar….

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and that stability is what will drive finance and drive the financing of supply chain transactions in the future.”

Comprised of a team of global contributors building a blockchain alliance, Sweetbridge aims to provide a platform for low-cost banking, interest-free loans and trading for individuals and businesses alike. Among a number of projects in the queue, Sweetbridge is working on the collateralization of standard supply chain crypto assets as a precursor to the release of the Asset Vault, which will allow for those crypto assets to be borrowed against.

To date, no other projects have been able to fully accomplish what Sweetbridge is promising. The platform is set to launch early next year, so stay tuned for the latest updates. To learn more, visit

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