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Gardening is a skill that is both fulfilling and useful, especially in today’s world. Whether you are new to food cultivation or have been doing it for years, it is always important to consider the guidance of fellow gardeners – and in this episode, we do just that… 

Kareen Erbe joins us today to discuss her work as the Founder of Broken Ground Permaculture. Kareen is a permaculture educator, homesteader, food farmer, garden designer, and soil-builder. Her mission is to help people living in colder climates cultivate their own food to live healthier and more sustainably.

In this conversation, we explore:

  • The types of people that Kareen educates.
  • How to get your own garden started.
  • Why outdoor growing allows people to have larger and more fruitful gardens.

Want to get gardening tips from Kareen for yourself? Visit now!

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