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Medtech Impact on Wellness

In this episode, we sit down with Braven Grant, the co-founder and CEO of Gains in Bulk, a trailblazing whole food company at the forefront of the fitness supplement industry. Gains in Bulk is not just about products—it’s a philosophy that empowers individuals to conquer their fitness goals and extend their wins to all areas of life.

A flagship offering from Gains in Bulk is the Instantized Creatine, a groundbreaking 100% soluble creatine monohydrate, setting new standards for effectiveness in the fitness realm. Braven emphasizes the commitment to quality, subjecting all products to rigorous third-party testing to ensure excellence and consumer confidence.

Press play to learn:

  • The challenges of launching and sustaining a competitive edge in the fitness and supplement industry
  • Consumer priorities in the supplement space: balancing immediate results and long-term health benefits
  • FDA regulations and the pitfalls of companies attempting to bypass them

Ready to elevate your knowledge about the fitness supplement arena? Tune in to explore the world of Gains in Bulk. For more information, visit Gains In Bulk | Natural Supplements | Large Gains at Wholesale Pricing – Gains in Bulk.

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