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Most women who’ve been pregnant are familiar with the strong, sometimes strange food cravings that occur to them—cravings that might not always be for nutrient-dense, healthy, and unprocessed foods. As a mother herself, Erica Mock is all too familiar with the battle between satiating those cravings and eating healthy during pregnancy, but she has an interesting take on the matter, stating, “Our bodies have an incredible innate intelligence. I craved sushi every day, started supplementing high-quality omega-3 supplements, and the cravings went away…the body knows what it needs.”

And what does the body need before, during, and after pregnancy? High-quality, nutritious, individually-curtailed, and of course deliciously mouth-watering foods. This is exactly what Erica Mock set out to provide for women when she founded twenty-fiveEIGHT.

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Customers can simply visit the website to choose from several subsections and menu options, including foods that increase the volume and quality of breast milk, vegetarian foods, homemade black sesame almond milk, bone broths made from 100% pastured animals, a dairy-free chickpea noodle macaroni and “cheese” dish, and a flourless seed bread that’s excellent for digestion. All foods on the menu are organic and local, and Mock has been mindful enough to opt for the most sustainable packaging materials so you can feel good about your purchases.

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The company is still in the beginning stages, with a launch party scheduled for just after the holidays this year. Tune in for all the details—including a sweet story that explains how she came up with the name of the company.

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Visit to learn more.

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