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Dr. Emily Splichal knows all about your feet. In fact, she has spent a lifetime studying feet, in her practice as a successful podiatrist, and also as a foot technology entrepreneur. In this podcast we’ll learn all about the foot and the many benefits we can get from understanding what its nerves are communicating.

Dr. Splichal spends her time helping people with their feet in a clinical setting as a podiatrist, but also helping them by developing new products that provide for better posture, rehabilitation, wellness and more.

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Her work in the field is innovative and she is a leader in the research of movement dysfunction and neuromuscular issues.

Dr. Splichal discusses her company’s many products that improve health. The company she leads is Naboso Technology, which offers the preeminent line of insoles and mats designed for increasing ease of movement and improving posture.

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As she states, Naboso’s prime objective is to improve foot function and foot stimulation from a neurosensory perspective.

The foot physician talks about the texture of their Naboso insoles and she explains how the insoles create powerful stimulation and provide benefits that everyone can experience. Dr. Splichal explains how their products work to improve neuro rehabilitation and wellness, and can assist with podiatry and orthopedics issues, pediatric development and more. She details the ways nerves in the foot relate to our posture and movement, and she explains just how important our feet truly are.

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If you thought feet were just for walking, then tune in to this podcast and discover the amazing truth about the power of the foot.

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