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Dr. Nicolas Laos is a philosopher, religious visionary, mathematician, noopolitics expert, and author of many books including The Meaning of Being Illuminati.

He dives deep into his philosophical perspectives and explores the following questions:

  • How the notions of subjective, objective, and absolute spirit are differentiated from one another in Hegelianism, the philosophy of German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
  • What is meant by the ontological potential of the human being, and how this fits into the overall picture of Dr. Laos’ work
  • How the coronavirus pandemic can be analyzed through a biological, political, and economic lens

“I am deeply and systematically concerned with the interplay between fundamental notions such as time and eternity, the relationship between a being or thing and its meaning, the source of the significance of the beings and things that exist in the world, as well as the ontological potential of the human being,” explains Dr. Laos. He continues by expressing his concern for the sociopolitical ramifications of these issues, and the importance of philosophy in addressing these ideas.

Dr. Laos explains his idea of the meaning of spirituality, the tenets of Hegelian philosophy which is one of his main areas of research, and ontology, which he perceives to be a heavily under-researched issue in contemporary social life.

He also provides a brief analysis of the coronavirus pandemic from a biological, political, and economic perspective, explaining why he believes that at the political level, the coronavirus has “been mistreated” and “used as an opportunity to impose historical changes in a way that clashes with fundamental human freedoms.”

Dr. Laos provides unique, compelling, and thought-provoking ideas for listeners to consider, so don’t miss out.

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