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CEO and co-founder of Coapt, Blair Lock, discusses the focus of his work in the field of prosthetic control.

Tune in to learn the following:

  • How the Coapt control system is different than and superior to traditional systems of prosthetic control
  • Why it’s so important for functionality to train the system to recognize when the user is not performing a prescribed motion
  • How the future development of subcutaneous sensors could significantly improve the muscle signals detected and decoded by the Coapt control system

Coapt is focused on the control of upper limb powered prosthetic devices. This means that they don’t make anything that you necessarily see; they make the control system that operates behind the scenes.

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The system is a finely-tuned neurological decoder that takes signals from the human body and converts them to control commands in real time for robotic hands, wrists, and elbows.

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Lock explains the physiology of muscle contraction and movement, describing processes that emit a “concert of noise and information” at a low electrical level that is detected by the Coapt system and then used to teach algorithms to learn the personalized “music” of each wearer.

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In fact, it is the user that teaches the device what is intuitive to them, making the prosthesis even more functional and tuned to the individual.

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