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Founder of CriptoMonedas TV and an influential voice among Spanish-speaking communities in the crypto space, Felipe Huicochea offers his insight on a variety of topics, including the recent cancellation of all of the accounts of the major exchanges in Chile and Brazil.

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The cancellations were carried out by ScotiaBank with absolutely no warning to users, and have since crippled the operations of the exchanges in both countries.

“I think we’re going to see this happen in more countries in the very short-term future…they don’t like it, they don’t understand it and they see it as a threat,” says Huicochea in regards to the attitude of Latin American governments toward cryptocurrency.

Huicochea also discusses the state of Venezuela and the PetroDollar, how the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America might begin to take form, and how individuals who’ve lost access to their accounts can go about mitigating the effects and earning crypto.

Huicochea is excited to be actively involved in the upcoming Future Tech Expo at the Dallas Convention Center on September 14-16, and he has some exciting speakers lined up.

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To stay up to date with the latest, visit CriptoMonedas TV on YouTube or the web.


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