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In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Erika Kohler, a Research Space Scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. With a Ph.D. in Space and Planetary Science and a BS in Meteorology, Dr. Kohler’s research focuses on providing laboratory data that can inform and validate scientific models and mission observations. She does this by designing innovative experiments that simulate the extreme environments found on other planets –  pushing the boundaries of laboratory research as we know it.

Dr. Kohler has always been interested in weather and planets, and she built her career on studying these things in tandem. Setting her sights on our sister planet, Venus, she shares some intriguing insights on its atmosphere, surface, and more…

Dive in now to find out:

  • How data is collected for Venus.
  • The complicated issues that come with landing a craft on the surface of Venus.
  • How long it takes for probes to get to Venus, and the orbital mechanics that must be worked through.
  • What isotopes and gasses can tell us about the history of Venus and its current conditions.
  • New and exciting missions on the horizon.

To learn more about Dr. Kohler and her work, click here now!

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