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In today’s day and age, self-sustainability is more important than ever. And with the many educators on the internet, gaining access to this knowledge is becoming increasingly simple.

Joining us today to chat about his experience working with nature is Mark Valencia. Mark has a Youtube channel called Self Sufficient Me. On this channel, Mark educates viewers about realistic self-sufficient living, organic gardening, keeping wildlife, and more.

After leaving the military in 2008, Mark became an at-home dad that focused his efforts on gardening and self-sustainable living practices. After years of developing his skills in this area, Mark decided to document his methods to share with the world.

Click play to learn about:

  • The challenges that Mark encountered when he first started gardening.
  • How much time Mark allocates to gardening.
  • The gardening issues that Mark deals with on a regular basis.
  • How exercise and outdoor activities can improve mental health.

As Mark often says, ”you don’t have to be self-sufficient in everything, just be self-sufficient in something.”

You can find the Self Sufficient Me Youtube channel here, and website here!

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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