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In this episode, we examine all things related to mitochondrial genetics and disease with Keshav K. Singh, Ph.D. Mitochondrial function affects more in your body than you may realize, and Dr. Singh shares some very interesting knowledge on this matter… 

Dr. Singh is the Joy and Bill Harbert Endowed Chair and the Director of the Cancer Genetics Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In addition to this, he is also a Professor of Genetics, Pathology, and Environmental Health. 

As a professional at the forefront of mitochondrial research and medicine, Dr. Singh is committed to discovering the role of mitochondria in all cell types.

Join us now to hear Dr. Singh discuss:

  • The effects of disrupting mitochondrial function in mice, and what it means.
  • What doxycycline is, and how it interacts with mitochondrial function. 
  • The combined effect of mitochondrial disease, and what causes it.
  • The future of Dr. Singh’s research.  

Want to learn more about the complexities of mitochondrial research? You can find Dr. Singh’s research by clicking here!

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