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Today we connect with Abhaya Dandekar, a Distinguished Professor at UC Davis and Director at the Plant Transformation Facility. Abhaya focuses his research on the dissection of plant phenotypes in order to describe plant responses. He aims to do this by defining the underlying molecular genetics at work – as well as the biochemical and physiological mechanisms that manage the response.

Click play to learn more about:

  • How nitrogen interacts with plant biology and the environment around us.
  • Why it can take multiple years for fruit and nut trees to produce.
  • The genetic system that fruit and nut trees belong to.
  • The factors that can determine the harvesting conditions of particular plants.

In this episode, we absorb in-depth information on fruit trees, vineyards, and other plants by exploring the fascinating world of molecular genetics!

You can access Abhaya Dandekar’s research for yourself by visiting

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