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John C. A. Manley joins the podcast once again to discuss his daily email newsletter, Blazing Pine Cone Posts, and his work as a writer of fiction, freedom, and philosophy. John is the author of Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story, the forthcoming All The Humans Are Sleeping, and other works of speculative fiction…

With a background in Eastern philosophy, fine art, and freelance ghostwriting, John’s perspective on the world is varied and analytical. Want to learn more about his worldview and upcoming projects? Tune in now!

Jump into the conversation to find out:

  • What John learned as he wrote his debut novel.
  • How Much Ado About Corona addresses the 2020 pandemic.
  • What “moral injury” is, and how it is connected to society’s standards of being.
  • What John is trying to accomplish with his newsletter.

To follow along with John and his writing, click here now!

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